Why Kids Dentistry Matters for Your Child’s Health

How does kids dentistry end up affecting your child’s overall health? Limestone Dental Associates has all the answers for your family dentistry questions.

Your child’s immune system and overall health is an important cornerstone of parenting success. Scheduling regular checkups with general practitioners can catch many health concerns early, especially before symptoms arrive. However, this same principle is not always applied when it comes to dental health. There are parents that believe that kids dentistry can only affect a general oral health and not the body as a whole. This is certainly untrue, as the health benefits of visiting a dentist can be seen through all aspects of daily living. Here are a few reasons as to why your family dentist can make the difference for your child.

4 Reasons Why Kids Dentistry Impacts Your Child’s Health

  1. Dentists provide general education for maintaining health & safety

Visiting a kids dentistry professional does more good than the obvious health benefits by providing yourself and your child the education needed for upkeep and maintenance. A family dental practitioner can provide the knowledge needed for the most effective care for your child’s teeth, such as the length of time spent brushing, how often one should floss, and so on. A well-versed education can make a world of difference for preventative care.

  1. Visiting early is good for preventative health

The average age that parents end up bringing their child in for a dental checkup is about 2.6 years old, according to a survey commissioned by the Delta Dental Plans Association. However, the actual recommended age for the first dental visit is by the end of your child’s first year, or when the first signs of teeth appear. It becomes a crucial step for monitoring growth timeframes and can identify any potential issues that may arise early in the process.

  1. Good oral health allows for effective chewing

One of the most important factors for general health is the effectiveness of the chewing performed on foods. The digestion process can be more difficult than necessary if your child is not thorough enough with their chewing, which can cause issues in weight gain, bloating, and gas. All of this can have a lasting impact on your child’s general health, which is why kids dentistry puts a strong focus on ensuring effective molars.

  1. Visiting the dentist is as good for mental health as it does for physical health

No child wants to go to school feeling like they can’t show their best smile, or cannot laugh their heartiest laugh. Whether it is a family dentist or a child dentist, your dental practitioner can ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy, straightened and whitened through a variety of care services. They can inspect your child’s mouth to see if they need more involved services like Invisalign and cavity fillings, or just a standard cleaning.

Limestone Dental Associates is the family dentist you need for maintaining your health, as well as your child’s health! If you’re looking for more information about our experiences and policies, please call us today at 302-239-0502 for more information.

I want to thank you for taking the time to meet with me about my dental concerns. After sitting with you and discussing your philosophy, I was so impressed with your holisitc approach, level head and your overall approach to your work. You are VERY easy to talk to and I felt comfortable talking openly with you about my reasoning. Thank you again for all your time and energy.

- Lisa S.