Finding Affordable Dental Plans through Your Dentist

The fear of lack of insurance or inadequate insurance can impact families of all sizes.

Be it a single individual or a family of four, it can be scary when trying to weigh out options for possible treatments. However, if you contact your local dentist regarding affordable dental plans, you may be surprised that some offices will provide their own plans to help reduce costs and keep the payments direct. Specifically with the Limestone Dental Associates’ Savings Plan. You can even see a savings of 5% on your next bill with your first early payment! Here is a brief overview as to how these types of plans may work, and whether it may be the fit for your budget.

How Affordable Dental Plans Cover Your Needs

How do these personalized programs work?

Something to consider when booking your next dental appointment is to see if your local dentist provides any affordable dental plans designed to save on spending with each visit. While not all dental offices provide affordable dental plans directly through their office, the ones that do are providing a great service to those in need of it.

These plans are designed to help lighten the burdens that even the simplest procedures may cost, which includes cleanings and scans. This is crucial to consider if you or a loved one is currently unable to afford a dental insurance plan on the market, or if your current occupation does not offer a viable solution.

Unlike insurances, dental savings plans are able to work unfettered. You pay for the services you want, and the yearly necessities are already covered by your premiums.

Pros and cons of dental savings programs

Keep in mind that dental savings plans, such as Limestone Dental’s own Savings Plan, are primarily designed to provide support to those who need it. They cannot be combined with existing insurance policies, which generally means that these types of programs should only be considered when options are unavailable from your employer or if you cannot afford high-premium plans as a self-employed worker.

However, after considering the costs that can rack up when paying for dental services outright, those that take advantage of a dental savings plan like this will absolutely see the difference in their wallet. In particular, the Savings Plan covers the full costs of necessary yearly cleanings and a handful of other services, while also providing percentage discounts on procedures such as veneers, fillings, and more.

The Savings Plan covers all of the following:

  • Two cleanings, two periodic exams and four cavity-detecting x-rays per year
  • Two fluoride treatments per year, up to age 17
  • One complete series or panoramic x-ray and one periodontal chart every five years
  • One problem-focused exam per year, with up to three periapical x-rays
  • Percentage-based discounts on services such as fillings, veneers, sealants, bleaching, nightguards, and more

The Savings Plan Advantage

There are a few additional advantages the Savings Plan has over health insurance. One of which is that those who opt for the direct plan never have to face the worry of deductibles and yearly maximums, nor do they have to fear any waiting periods as the services become immediately available upon the first payment. Participants who wish to opt out of the dental savings service can do so at any time, without having to pay a penalty or fee.

Those suffering from any pre-existing conditions that would have otherwise made coverage difficult or costly will not find this with the Savings Plan. All patients are accepted upon the first payment, and there are no pre-authorization requirements. Each of the available services are perfectly laid out with their costs, so there are no hidden fees. And each plan is designed to fit the needs of the person who is covered, providing care for singles, couples, and families with children.

Other important factors to consider

Keep in mind that, because affordable dental plans like the Savings Plan are not an insurance coverage, these options are only available at Limestone Dental Associates. It also cannot be combined with any other third-party savings offers, and your yearly premiums must be paid in full by either cash, check, or money order. If you cancel out of your savings plan early, you will not be reimbursed for any services not rendered and no refunds of any kind.

That being said, by being part of the Limestone Dental Associates’ Savings Plan and paying your yearly premiums early, you can see a 5% discount on your next yearly bill. Every little bit helps, especially when it comes to the health and maintenance of your teeth! Our dental professionals can answer any additional questions you may have regarding the Savings Plan.

If you are looking for the ideal dental solution at a rate that you can afford, the Limestone Dental Associates’ Savings Plan may be the perfect fit for you! For more information about our available plans, please call us today at 302-239-0502 for more information.

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