Five Things About Kids' Dental Care Every Kid Wants You To Know Blog Pediatric Dentistry


They have no problem telling us what they don’t want, but what about when it comes to what kids do want in kids’ dental care routines? Believe it or not, there are things your child would love for you to do to help him/her become more excited about healthy dental and oral hygiene habits. Check out these five things children want their parents to know about kids’ dental care.


Five Fun Kids’ Dental Care Routines Kids Want Parents to Know About

Parents are used to running the show, but sometimes allowing little ones to take over the limelight can help motivate, educate and encourage them to take ownership of new skill sets. Here is what you need to know when it comes to establishing positive dental routinesFive Things About Kids' Dental Care Every Kid Wants You To Know Blog Pediatric Dentistry

  1. Brush With Me, Please!
    Believe it or not, brushing alongside your child goes a long way in instilling the value and importance of keeping up with healthy oral hygiene habits. Kids love spending time with family members and learning new skill sets. What better way to teach them the right way to brush and floss, while also monitoring toothpaste usage (rice-sized amount for children under age three and a pea-sized amount once they turn six)?
  2. Show Me a Fun Video
    What’s better than a favorite cartoon character, muppet or action figure brushing his/her teeth? There are no shortages of entertaining, educational videos on YouTube to help children learn how to brush and care for their teeth via their fictional buddies.
  3. Let Me Pick My Toothbrush
    If you want your child to take ownership of his/her dental health, one of the best methods of motivation is to offer a shopping opportunity. Help guide your child’s yearning for independence and responsibility by allowing him/her to pick out a toothbrush. Offer a selection of toothbrushes appropriate to the size of his/her mouth with small bristles to choose from. You may also want to let them choose some additional accessories— a personalized rinsing cup, a fun toothpaste flavor— anything that will help create ownership of the activity.
  4. Praise Me When I Do Well
    Don’t underestimate the power of praise. Not only does praising them for a brushing session done well provide encouragement to upkeep healthy dental habits, but a hug, sticker, toy or special treat for a “no cavities” report from Dr. David Nibouar or Dr. Matt Baran will also provide additional support. 
  5. Let Me Teach the Teacher
    Kids love playing teacher! Although you as a parent can take credit 90% of the time for being the teacher, in the game of kids’ dental care, you can offer to be the student. Let your little teacher tell you all about how to brush your teeth in tiny circles for two-minute sessions.


More Kids’ Dental Care Tips

If you’d like more ways to encourage your children to care for their teeth, our Limestone Dental Associates team is here to help. We offer a variety of dental services for the entire family to take advantage of including routine checkups and cleanings, orthodontic options, cosmetic services and more.

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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dentist for Children Blog Pediatric Dentistry


Whenever parents seek a healthcare provider for their child, it can come with a level of uncertainty. How do I know if this pediatrician is a good one? Is there a family doctor anywhere near us? What should I look for in a dentist that caters to children? These are logical and important questions to ask—especially the last one, which we can help shed light on. When it comes to finding the perfect dentist for children, there are a few scenarios to consider.

In Your Search for a Dentist For Children, Consider Five Favorable Factors

Many people wonder what the difference is between general dentistry and family dentistry. All dentists are required to complete in-depth curricula during the first two years of their dental education, with the addition of a focused clinical practice that takes place the following two years. Once the clinical practice has neared an end, dentists will obtain certification in one of nine appropriated dental specialties. Although general and family dentistry are closely related, the distinction is apparent in a family dentist’s ability to treat patients of all ages, rather than solely adults.

Family dentists will have more insight into the issues that specifically relate to children, including best oral hygiene practices for toddlers, preschoolers, teens and tweens. When it comes to seeking a dentist for children that Wilmington parents choose, take a look at five benefits your family dentist should be able to provide: Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dentist for Children Blog Pediatric Dentistry

  1. Best Pediatric Oral Hygiene Practices
  2. A family dentist will be able to key you in on vital information that specifically pertains to your child’s age. For example, a family dentist will know that your preschooler only needs a pea-size amount of toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush.
  1. Consistency and Reliability
  2. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that the first dental visit for children occur by age one or shortly after the first tooth appears? It’s further suggested that children routinely visit the dentist every six months. Having a family dentist can ensure that you stay on top of appointments (they will kindly remind you!).
  1. Child-specific Dental Services
  2. A family dentist for children will be able to provide services essential to the healthy development of your child’s teeth, including a fluoride varnish to help protect from tooth decay and cavities, and x-rays to make sure teeth are developing properly.
  1. A Dentistry to Grow With
  2. One of the best aspects of a family dentistry is the prospect of your entire family sharing a single dental home. As your child grows, he/she will have the benefit of establishing a lifelong relationship with his/her dentist. Plus, for convenience, it doesn’t hurt to be able to schedule family appointments close together!
  1. Friendliness, Cleanliness and Safety
  2. You want a dentist and staff that understands children! It’s imperative as a parent to know that your child is going to a clean and safe environment that embraces all the intricacies that come with all ages and stages of childhood.

The Limestone Dental Difference

At Limestone Dental Associates, we are dedicated to cultivating relationships with patients of all ages. Dr. David Nibouar and Dr. Matt Baran have combined decades of experience in treating toddlers to teens and every stage in between—and it’s a joy and privilege they share.

We understand the complexities of parenthood and busy schedules, so we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs while also ensuring that your child receives the best care possible.

If you’d like more information on what to look for in your search for a dentist for children or would like to take the next step by booking an appointment, call us anytime! We look forward to you joining the Limestone Dental family: (302) 239-0502.

How does kids dentistry end up affecting your child’s overall health? Limestone Dental Associates has all the answers for your family dentistry questions.

Your child’s immune system and overall health is an important cornerstone of parenting success. Scheduling regular checkups with general practitioners can catch many health concerns early, especially before symptoms arrive. However, this same principle is not always applied when it comes to dental health. There are parents that believe that kids dentistry can only affect a general oral health and not the body as a whole. This is certainly untrue, as the health benefits of visiting a dentist can be seen through all aspects of daily living. Here are a few reasons as to why your family dentist can make the difference for your child.

4 Reasons Why Kids Dentistry Impacts Your Child’s Health

  1. Dentists provide general education for maintaining health & safety

Visiting a kids dentistry professional does more good than the obvious health benefits by providing yourself and your child the education needed for upkeep and maintenance. A family dental practitioner can provide the knowledge needed for the most effective care for your child’s teeth, such as the length of time spent brushing, how often one should floss, and so on. A well-versed education can make a world of difference for preventative care.

  1. Visiting early is good for preventative health

The average age that parents end up bringing their child in for a dental checkup is about 2.6 years old, according to a survey commissioned by the Delta Dental Plans Association. However, the actual recommended age for the first dental visit is by the end of your child’s first year, or when the first signs of teeth appear. It becomes a crucial step for monitoring growth timeframes and can identify any potential issues that may arise early in the process.

  1. Good oral health allows for effective chewing

One of the most important factors for general health is the effectiveness of the chewing performed on foods. The digestion process can be more difficult than necessary if your child is not thorough enough with their chewing, which can cause issues in weight gain, bloating, and gas. All of this can have a lasting impact on your child’s general health, which is why kids dentistry puts a strong focus on ensuring effective molars.

  1. Visiting the dentist is as good for mental health as it does for physical health

No child wants to go to school feeling like they can’t show their best smile, or cannot laugh their heartiest laugh. Whether it is a family dentist or a child dentist, your dental practitioner can ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy, straightened and whitened through a variety of care services. They can inspect your child’s mouth to see if they need more involved services like Invisalign and cavity fillings, or just a standard cleaning.

Limestone Dental Associates is the family dentist you need for maintaining your health, as well as your child’s health! If you’re looking for more information about our experiences and policies, please call us today at 302-239-0502 for more information.