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Don’t let crooked, crowded teeth ruin your confidence.

At Limestone Dental Associates, we can get your smile looking great – even during orthodontic treatment!

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A straight smile not only enhances your appearance, boosts your confidence, and improves your self-esteem, it can also help your teeth stay healthy longer. How? Crooked, crowded teeth can be harder to clean, and that means more bacteria stay trapped on your teeth and gums – and we all know that can lead to cavities and gum disease. But what adult wants to wear metal braces? Those braces are for kids.

Don’t worry: We have options!

From clear braces to speed braces, our orthodontic options will get your smile beautifully healthy and straight – discreetly, comfortably, and conveniently – right here at Limestone Dental Associates.


Invisalign is the invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces. Yes. We really said invisible! Invisalign aligners are made of clear, medical-grade plastic so they can’t be seen on your teeth. In addition, they are removable so you can eat without interference, brush and floss as usual, and even leave them out for a special occasion. To top it all off, Invisalign aligners are much more comfortable than braces because there is no metal to abrade your mouth during treatment.

Six Month Smiles

Now this is innovation. If you need a smile fast – for a wedding, graduation, or other major life event – we can get you looking great in just about six months! Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets, tooth-colored wires, and comfortable pressure on the front teeth only. That means not only will no one see your braces during treatment, correction time is dramatically reduced from around two years to a fraction of that time. The name says it all: A brand-new smile in six short months!

Clear Retainers for Minor Tooth Movement

Did you wear braces as a child but your teeth have shifted out of perfect placement over time? Have you found that your teeth look a little less even than you’d like them to? Is flossing just a little bit more of a squeeze than it should be? Limestone Dental Associates’ orthodontic care can help. We offer clear retainers to gently and subtly move your teeth back to their ideal position. Like clear aligners, they are not noticeable in your smile and can be worn day and night without irritating your delicate oral tissues. These can also be a great option after orthodontic treatment to keep your smile right where you want it!

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your endless help throughout a very scary and trying time. Being able to talk to you while waiting for my biopsy results helped calm my nerves. I am so grateful for how things turned out. I know it would not have been as easy if I did not have all of the support. I am not sure how many people can say they look forward to going to the dentist but I certainly can.

- Kristin G.