Your Family Is Above Average, Your Dentist Should Be Too

Your Family Is Above Average, Your Dentist Should Be Too

“What family dentistry office do you go to?”

This question may seem odd. Isn’t all dentistry for families?

While this is true, there are some services that families use more than others. These services, such as initial cleaning and fluoride protection, are best done at a family dentistry office where the dentists and dental assistants go out of their way to make the visit pleasant and even fun!

When you go to a great family dentist you are building a lifetime habit of great dental care for the entire family.

So What Is Family Dentistry Anyway?

Your Family Is Above Average, Your Dentist Should Be Too Family dentistry is similar to general dentistry, with a few key exceptions. Both types of dentistry handle oral hygiene and tooth health. But family dentists also accept patients of all ages, making a family dentist office a convenient choice if you have children in your home. Family dentists care for your child’s baby teeth as well as permanent teeth.

We live hectic lives. On any given day the average American household is involved in countless activities: soccer games, deciding what to cook (or pick up) for dinner, dance lessons, carpools, after-school activities, school board meetings.  The list goes on and on.

It’s for this exact reason that family dental care is such a necessity for busy families. Instead of having two or three separate appointments in different locations, all your dentist appointments, for the entire family, can finally be in one place.

Family Dentistry & You

A dentist for the whole family, providing the best service and saving you time in the process? It sounds like a dream come true. . . and it is! But you want to be sure that you choose the best family dentistry that provides all the services you need.

So what services sets a family dentist apart?

Whatever family dentist you choose needs to at least provide basic preventive dentistry services, such as regular cleanings and fluoride treatments, and other basic dental work that may be needed, such as x-rays.

They should also provide oral cancer screenings, periodontal therapy, mouthguards, and snoring and sleep apnea treatment. The best family dentist will provide all of these services with the best technology available so that you know you are getting the most up-to-date treatments available.

Finally, the very best family dentist will also be able to provide implants, treat root canals, and other specialist services in orthodontics, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

Whenever you choose a dentist for your family make sure you consider a dentist that accommodates the needs of everyone in your household but utilizes state-of-the-art technology.

Limestone Dental Associates offers a range of services for all ages under one roof! Call us today at 302-307-6407 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our family dental care!

Why Family Dentistry Means More Than You Think

Joe and Carol were expecting their first child in August.  With all the excitement of readying their lives for their newborn, the couple faced some important questions. Soon after moving to a small town in Delaware, Carol’s dad came to live with them. The couple realized they needed to think bigger-picture: they needed to think about what was right for them as a family. Finding health care providers to serve the whole family would save time, money, and help them avoid unnecessary complications. So they began to look for doctors and dentists capable of caring for their family, from the oldest (Carol’s dad) to the youngest (their newborn.) They began looking for family dentistry in Pike Creek.

And that’s where Limestone Dental Associates came in.

Why Family Dentistry Means More Than You Think Not every dentist is willing or able to offer family dentistry. That’s because family dentistry involves a number of types of services, many of which involve a significant investment on the part of the dentist in technology, training, and staff. A family dentist must be prepared to treat a variety of problems and consider the wide range health issues that can crop up over the course of the life cycle.

Limestone Dental is proud to offer family dentistry in Pike Creek so you, your children, and your parents can all get care under the same roof. That means no confusing logistics and missed or mixed-up appointments at multiple locations. It means you can schedule a time to go to the dentist together with your older parent or child. And, it means you can show up at our office with the assurance that when it comes to dental problems, we’ve really seen it all.

Family Dentistry, Family Care

Limestone Dental deserves the trust of your family because we stand the test of time. We often start with patients when they are young and keep them for much of their lives! We offer personalized care, a warm atmosphere, and a beautiful, relaxing environment for your family. Our patients’ experiences, add to the expertise of our dentists, making us a preferred dental practice in Pike Creek, Delaware.

Jason L. is one of the patients we have had the privilege of serving for a lifetime:

“I have been going to Dr. Nibouar for more than 30 years—since before I could drive, even—and now I’m 44. Though I moved from Hockessin to Philadelphia and then Chester County, I still make the trip to his offices and wouldn’t think of changing dentists. Now that Dr. Baran is on his team, I’ll probably be with them another 30(years!) The offices are super clean, the staff is always happy (that I can see,) and I’m treated well each time.”

For us, family care involves a careful, long-term commitment to your family. Your children will be welcomed at their first dental appointment, where we perform an initial cleaning and examination of their teeth. We carefully monitor their jaw and tooth development while making every visit fun and non-intimidating. At Limestone Dental, we believe that every child can learn to love going to the dentist.

When your kids grow to be teenagers, their growing wisdom teeth will be checked periodically. They’ll also be evaluated for orthodontic treatment, which we offer under the same roof. Invisalign has become a popular and trendy option for teens and adults as an orthodontics option that is both attractive and convenient.

When your kids go to college, they can take advantage of our dental services while they’re home visiting. College students are at increased risk for cavities due to a variety of lifestyle factors. It’s important for them to keep up regular dental appointments during this impactful stage of life to prevent long-term issues.

For middle-aged and older adults, we address a variety of issues that can emerge over the course of a lifetime. Did you know that, according to the CDC, 47.2% of Americans have some form of gum disease? After age 65, that percentage rate rises to 70%. Periodontitis is a greatly underestimated threat affecting thousands of American families. As the number one cause of tooth loss, gum disease should be taken seriously and treated accordingly. That’s why, every time you get a cleaning, we measure your gum pockets with our Digital Periodontal Charting system. Your hygienist is able to quickly screen you for gum disease so that we can catch it early on rather than too late.

Oral cancer is another increasingly common problem that is often seen in seniors, though we’ve also been seeing it at younger ages. Did you know that the single most important factor for saving a person’s life from oral cancer is an early diagnosis? Almost 50,000 people in America are diagnosed with cancer every year, but because many of these diagnoses are made so late, only slightly more than half live beyond five years. That’s why we perform oral cancer screenings at every visit. We used an advanced VELscope technology to expose any abnormalities in your mouth that are invisible to the naked eye. We take our responsibility as your dentist seriously by having an active role in promoting your well-being and preventing possible threats to your health.

A Lifelong Relationship = Lifelong Trust

Most of the time at Limestone Dental, you’ll find that the news is good news. And we’re here to make sure it continues to be good news. Our patients keep coming to us because they trust that no matter where they are in life, we’ll be there for them. We use the best technologies and evidence-based practice to ensure your well-being so that you can keep living the happy life you deserve. Because we think that when someone asks where can I find good family dentistry, the answer should be right here, at our office.

For family dentistry in Pike Creek, please call Limestone Dental at 302-239-0502 to get your first appointment for you and your family today!

Thank you all for being so kind and caring as Dr. Nibouar is treating me. I know it will be a long road and it is comforting to know you all care. Thank you for always taking my calls – returning my calls – weekends too!!

- Anne F.