Five Things About Kids' Dental Care Every Kid Wants You To Know Blog Pediatric Dentistry


They have no problem telling us what they don’t want, but what about when it comes to what kids do want in kids’ dental care routines? Believe it or not, there are things your child would love for you to do to help him/her become more excited about healthy dental and oral hygiene habits. Check out these five things children want their parents to know about kids’ dental care.


Five Fun Kids’ Dental Care Routines Kids Want Parents to Know About

Parents are used to running the show, but sometimes allowing little ones to take over the limelight can help motivate, educate and encourage them to take ownership of new skill sets. Here is what you need to know when it comes to establishing positive dental routinesFive Things About Kids' Dental Care Every Kid Wants You To Know Blog Pediatric Dentistry

  1. Brush With Me, Please!
    Believe it or not, brushing alongside your child goes a long way in instilling the value and importance of keeping up with healthy oral hygiene habits. Kids love spending time with family members and learning new skill sets. What better way to teach them the right way to brush and floss, while also monitoring toothpaste usage (rice-sized amount for children under age three and a pea-sized amount once they turn six)?
  2. Show Me a Fun Video
    What’s better than a favorite cartoon character, muppet or action figure brushing his/her teeth? There are no shortages of entertaining, educational videos on YouTube to help children learn how to brush and care for their teeth via their fictional buddies.
  3. Let Me Pick My Toothbrush
    If you want your child to take ownership of his/her dental health, one of the best methods of motivation is to offer a shopping opportunity. Help guide your child’s yearning for independence and responsibility by allowing him/her to pick out a toothbrush. Offer a selection of toothbrushes appropriate to the size of his/her mouth with small bristles to choose from. You may also want to let them choose some additional accessories— a personalized rinsing cup, a fun toothpaste flavor— anything that will help create ownership of the activity.
  4. Praise Me When I Do Well
    Don’t underestimate the power of praise. Not only does praising them for a brushing session done well provide encouragement to upkeep healthy dental habits, but a hug, sticker, toy or special treat for a “no cavities” report from Dr. David Nibouar or Dr. Matt Baran will also provide additional support. 
  5. Let Me Teach the Teacher
    Kids love playing teacher! Although you as a parent can take credit 90% of the time for being the teacher, in the game of kids’ dental care, you can offer to be the student. Let your little teacher tell you all about how to brush your teeth in tiny circles for two-minute sessions.


More Kids’ Dental Care Tips

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