How An Invisalign Dentist Can Make You Confident in Your Grin Again

Orthodontics are no longer the scary, taboo tale of old. With an Invisalign dentist, you can take back the confidence you had in your smile without the use of scary headgear!

Do you remember when you were a child, and you would notice when another student would enter a classroom with bulky, unsightly headgear with the sole purpose of straightening teeth? With an Invisalign dentist, your fears of orthodontic procedures can be over! These braces are designed with your physical (and mental) health in mind, keeping your smile a confident fixture on your face. Here are some of the benefits that can positively impact you with the use of Invisalign braces.

5 Benefits Provided By an Invisalign Dentist

  1. How An Invisalign Dentist Can Make You Confident in Your Grin Again Blog General & Preventive Dentistry No more obnoxious headgear
    The technology used to create braces has vastly improved since their inception, and Invisalign is a sure beneficiary of this. The once-dreaded headgear has been mostly retired, with many people opting for Invisalign clear braces that are virtually invisible. Not only will you be able to avoid the hassles that come with maintaining metal-based braces, you will also be able to feel like you can share your grin again without fear or judgment from others.
  2. Invisalign is customized for each mouth
    An Invisalign dentist can custom-fit each set of braces for each individual mouth, using the “invisible” plastic braces that fit perfectly over your teeth. They are designed to fit the contours of your teeth while helping to shift them into a more natural position. Just like the standard braces, the custom nature of each set allows for a more comfortable experience, while removing the necessity for bands and metal.
  3. Removable aligners make it easier to eat, brush and more
    One reason why many try to purposefully steer away from braces, despite their health benefits, is how limiting they can be when attempting to eat food. This is no longer the case with Invisalign. The aligners used in each set can be removed at any time, so you can do your normal eating activities and perform the daily maintenance of brushing and flossing. Keep in mind that you should only do this for short periods of time, so the invisible braces can remain effective throughout the process.
  4. Easy to track results
    Invisalign does what most clear braces manufactures do not – they track your alignment progress through the use of smart technology. With programs like Invisalign Assist, you can use the Progress Tracking tool that helps identify teeth that are not moving as scheduled and helps to build on the next pair of aligners that you will receive. Even without such a program, the  Invisalign clear aligners can physically show the status of your teeth while inside and outside of your mouth.
  5. Faster Results
    Traditional braces can take up to 36 months to complete treatment. With Invisalign, treatment time can be as short as 4 to 6 months and as long as 24 months. Invisalign clear aligners longest treatment time is still half the time it takes with conventional braces. You get the smile you’ve always wanted in a shorter amount of time.

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Thank you all for being so kind and caring as Dr. Nibouar is treating me. I know it will be a long road and it is comforting to know you all care. Thank you for always taking my calls – returning my calls – weekends too!!

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