Decrease Sugar in Your Diet with These Tips

Decrease Sugar in Your Diet with These Tips Blog General & Preventive Dentistry It’s probably no surprise that the team members at our dental office in Wilmington aren’t big fans of sugar.

Too much of the sweet stuff can seriously compromise your oral health, and we’d rather see your pearly whites happy and healthy. That’s one reason why we encourage all of our patients to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets. But that’s not the only reason we’re supplying tips on how to consume less of it.

Sugar Can Be a Whole-Body Problem

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for teeth because it increases the risk for decay and cavities. But did you know that too much sugar can cause serious problems in the rest of the body too? An overconsumption of sugar can:

  • Contribute to severe headaches
  • Lead to overeating and obesity
  • Cause Type 2 diabetes
  • And be a factor in developing cardiovascular disease

Should You Eliminate Sugar Altogether?

Having a certain amount of sugar in your diet is necessary for proper body function. But how much is too much? The recommended amount of sugar someone should have on a daily basis depends on age and gender. The American Heart Association suggests a maximum daily sugar intake of 37.5 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

Sugar Reduction Tips

  • Cut back on the sweets. Cookies, candy, and soda are some of the biggest, most obvious sugar-packed culprits. Choose water and naturally sweet foods like fruit instead.
  • Read nutrition facts. Sometimes sugar can hide in some surprising foods like bread, condiments, and even sauces. If you don’t read the label, you may be unaware of just how much sugar you’re eating.
  • Brush up on your chef skills. Making your own meals at home allows you to control what ingredients you use and in what quantity. Home cooked meals can help your family eat healthier overall.

Following these tips can really help limit the amount of sugar you consume and do wonders to keep your smile, and your body healthy. Remember, it’s still crucial to brush your teeth every day, twice a day, floss once a day, and maintain regular visits with your Wilmington dentist.

If you do notice any signs of potential decay, or if it’s time for your dental cleaning, give our Wilmington dental office a call to schedule an appointment. We’re always happy to see new smiling faces!

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