The Benefits of Family Dental Plans Over Expensive Insurance Policies

There can be times when it feels like a luxury to be able to afford the consistently-high premiums offered by many dental insurance companies. Family dental plans can help to curb those costs by saying “goodbye” to the conventional insurances, and Limestone Dental Associates features reasonably-priced solutions that make sense for what you need. Take a look at some of the benefits that are exclusive to our office, and see for yourself if you would like to join our satisfied patients!

4 Benefits Provided By Family Dental Plans That Some Insurances Cannot Match


  1. Affordable optionsThe Benefits of Family Dental Plans Over Expensive Insurance Policies

The problem that many face, when they decide to join the health insurance market, is the high cost of premiums with a lack of available services. Joining family dental plans removes the headaches that expensive insurances provide and places the emphasis on the services you need for the price that makes sense. Limestone Dental Associates’ dental saving plans offer packages for singles, married couples and families so that everyone can receive the care that they need.


  1. Plenty of services

We offer a variety of services at our Pike Creek dental practice, and many of our necessary services are covered completely each year by our dental savings plan. This includes two cleanings, four cavity-detecting x-rays, and several long-term services designed to monitor the health of your teeth. In addition to this, we offer discounts on other popular services including sealants, bleaching, veneers, fillings and more.


  1. Not bound by an insurance company’s policies

Yearly maximums, deductibles and pre-authorization requirements can hinder the process of getting a simple dental visit. Our family dental plans remove the need for these by allowing for a direct payment process. Instead of being bound to the specific policies surrounding dental insurance, we provide a clear and simple understanding of our family dentist services, which helps to eliminate guesswork on which service can be made easily available to you.


  1. Cancel at any time

A family dental savings plan can be added and removed easier than handling a gym membership! At any time, you are allowed to opt out of your plan without fear of having to pay an early cancellation penalty or forced renewals. Of course, if you stick with us and renew a little earlier than your sign-up date, you can receive a 5% discount!


Your family will never have to go without the benefits of having dental insurance when you opt for a Limestone Dental Associates savings plan! If you’re looking for more information about our available plans, please call us today at 302-239-0502 for more information.

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