Your Top Choice for General Dentist in Pike Creek

Our patients know we set ourselves apart from the rest as a general dentist in Pike Creek. See the difference in your grin today!

The general dentists of the Limestone Dental Associates have been performing their dental services for more than a cumulative of 50 years. This experience brings well-rounded knowledge to the health of your mouth. Drs. David Nibouar and Matt Baran are excited to meet you, and look forward to sharing their wealth of experience to help keep your mouth clean and hygienic. Learn more about how this general dentist in Pike Creek started his practice, and the countless advantages brought by his associate! 


Your Top Choice for General Dentist in Pike Creek

Meet the General Dentist in Pike Creek That Started It All

Dr. David Nibouar

Limestone Dental Associates was founded by Dr. David Nibouar, who has been treating families in the Pike Creek Valley for more than 40 


years. His knowledge of dental hygiene was first formed as an undergraduate of the University of Delaware, and succeeded with continued education at the Temple University School of Dentistry. Maintaining his education and continuing to hone his skills, Dr. Nibouar is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. His dedication to dentistry and his patients is shown through their many years of loyalty. These patients rave about the general dentistry of Dr. Nibouar.

Dr. Nibouar is also a member of the American Dental Association, the largest national organization of dentists dedicated to providing news and updates within the field, and has been recognized at Pride University by being given a speaking opportunity.


Dr. Matt Baran

Dr. Matt Baran, relatively new to the practice, has been practicing privately for more than five years and brings an energy to the office that delights patients. He pursued an undergraduate degree at Bucknell University, and continued his education at the Temple University School of Dentistry. As a general dentist in Pike Creek, Dr. Baran continues his education by staying up-to-date on the latest practices and technologies available (such as laser dentistry for sleep apnea or TMJ,) ensuring that each patient is met with a focus on care, compassion, and wisdom.

Dr. Baran prides himself on being able to provide a top-notch general dentistry service for every client that walks through his front door. He looks forward to connecting with you and making you feel comfortable with your smile again!


Find out how the Limestone Dental Associates can make a positive impact on your teeth as your choice of general dentist in Pike Creek. Please call us today at 302-239-0502 and we would be glad to set up an initial appointment to learn more about how we can help you find the confidence you need in your smile again!

Thanks for giving me back my smile! Can’t begin to tell you how I feel. So glad it’s over for both of us. Thanks to your wonderful staff. They have all been just SUPER!

- Peggie M.