Try This Full-Mouth Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry in Pike Creek

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Try This Full-Mouth Makeover with Cosmetic Dentistry in Pike  Creek Have you ever wondered exactly what cosmetic dentistry involves? Most people have heard of teeth whitening treatment, but beyond that, don’t have any idea of the range of cosmetic dentistry services. Limestone Dental Associates provides premier cosmetic dentistry in Pike Creek with a comprehensive array of treatments.

To give a proper overview of our services, we’ll use an example of a patient “Jane,” who could benefit from a number of cosmetic dentistry options. Through a simulated case with Jane, we describe one process involving multiple cosmetic treatments.

Step 1: Evaluation

In this step, Jane comes into our Pike Creek dental office for an initial consultation/assessment. During that session, her dentist would ask what kind of alterations she is interested in and then lay out several options that could help her get there. The dentist may inspect Jane’s teeth to get a better sense of what treatments to recommend for her case.

Step 2: Create a Treatment Plan

Together with her dentist, Jane will decide on the procedures to be included in her treatment plan. She may likely receive an initial cleaning to prepare her mouth. For our purposes here, we’ll consider the steps necessary to a full-mouth restoration, including tooth recontouring, whitening, composite bonding, and gum recontouring. Jane’s in for a makeover!

Step 3: Tooth Recontouring

Since tooth recontouring tends to be a low-impact treatment, this was the first step in Jane’s treatment plan. When Jane had a fall as a teenager, it chipped several of her teeth in the front. At Limestone Associates, Jane’s dentist works tirelessly one afternoon to recontour her teeth to make them smooth and pleasingly rounded again. Since the chipping wasn’t significant, these teeth could be repaired using a low-impact treatment.

Step 4: Composite Bonding

During step 1, Jane and her dentist had discussed the pros and cons of composite bonding and porcelain veneers. Veneers are famous for the way they’ve transformed many celebrities smiles in Hollywood. Comprised of the thin but very durable material porcelain, veneers are placed over the teeth for a truly stunning smile.

To place veneers, a thin layer of enamel must first be removed by the dentist. Since Jane wasn’t 100% certain that she wanted to get this procedure due to its permanent nature, her dentist recommended another highly-effective, but lower-commitment treatment plan: composite bonding. In this procedure, a high-intensity light is used to bind resin material to the teeth to repair discolored or chipped teeth. In Jane’s case, the treatment was used mainly to repair several teeth with fractures that could not be addressed by tooth recontouring.

Step 5: Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening completes the process of perfecting the appearance of the teeth. Jane had to wait at least 14 days before the tooth whitening procedure to ensure that whitening would not interfere with the chemical processes of composite bonding. Now that her dentist had given her teeth a pleasing shape, Jane was ready to improve their coloring dramatically. She elected an in-office procedure with Zoom whitening, which lightened her teeth by 5 shades in a single afternoon. Her dentist sent her home satisfied with the results and gave her a tray to do any touch-ups that she deemed necessary from the comfort of her home.

Step 6: Gum Recontouring

In the past, Jane had several attacks of periodontitis, which has caused her gums to recede in certain areas of her mouth. Extra-long teeth can look wolfish on anyone, and Jane has been unhappy with her gums for many years. A gum recontouring procedure is used to counter tooth decay, tooth loss, and periodontal disease.

Because the receding gums leave teeth exposed, bacteria can congregate in pockets between the teeth. Gum recontouring removes these pockets and gently shapes the tissue, creating an even gumline. Needless to say, Jane walked out more amazed than ever– her smile looked completely different! She was also glad because she knew that the procedure would facilitate better gum health in the future.

Step 6: Dental Implants

Being the most extensive treatment, dental implants were saved for last. Jane was missing two teeth due to tooth loss from gum disease. Jane isn’t alone: tooth loss is overwhelmingly caused by gum disease. With dental implants, Jane had the opportunity to get new teeth. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth. The implant procedure took about 2 hours and recuperation time lasted for 4 months, within the 3-6 month average of most patients.

Studies show that dental implants enjoy a 98% success rate. As the implant takes root in the jaw, this stimulates bone growth. Four months after her implant procedure, Jane went back in so her dentist could take an impression for her custom-made teeth. Two weeks later, her procedure was complete when her dentist placed the teeth on the roots.

A Happy Ending

Jane’s treatment plan was more extensive than most people who come in, but they reflected her cosmetic dentistry goals. Any patient who desires to improve the esthetic appearance of his/her teeth has many options to choose from at Limestone Dental Associates. We’re committed to helping you to find your happy ending, too.

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“Please accept our deep gratitude for your skilled care for all our dental needs! You have such caring attitudes, highly skilled work, cheerful, orderly atmosphere in the office – just overall excellence that cannot go unnoticed. Many, many thanks.”

- Janet and Ron