Dental Comprehensive Exam’s Wilmington, De

Because we are always on the lookout for the earliest signs of trouble – from tiny spots of decay to symptoms of gum disease – we take plenty of time to do a full exam at every visit, even checking you for oral cancer and any symptoms of sleep apnea.

While each exam is in-depth, your first exam with us is quite special. Thanks to a short, one-on-one discovery conversation, along with periodontal and oral cancer screenings, we are able to better understand what your teeth and gums may be trying to tell you about your oral and overall health — in just about an hour. Kids and adults alike appreciate the improved comfort of our digital x-rays and the up-close view they can get of their mouths with the intraoral camera. It’s a comprehensive exam you will never forget. Our patients love it!

Five Approaches to Dental Exams in Wilmington, DE That You Should Know About

Five Approaches to Dental Exams in Wilmington, DE That You Should Know About


When visiting the dentist, how many of us truly know what constitutes an advanced and comprehensive dental approach? It’s not uncommon to just go through the motions of the recommended six-month checkups and cleanings without putting a whole lot of thought into it, but are you actually getting the best treatment available?

What some patients have found is that there is a clear difference in modern, comprehensive and innovative technology approaches when it comes to dental exams in Wilmington, DE—and it shows in their smiles!


Five Ways Dental Exams in Wilmington, DE Stand Apart

At Limestone Dental, Dr. David Nibouar, Dr. Matt Baran and the entire dental team believe a dental exam is more than just a checkup and cleaning. We take the time to get to know our patients, listen to any concerns they may have, and help them reach their dental and overall health goals.

In addition to a full cleaning utilizing best oral hygiene practices, Limestone Dental patients receive: Five Approaches to Dental Exams in Wilmington, DE That You Should Know About

  1. Oral Cancer Screenings
    A 2017 report estimated that 51,540 adults in the United States were at risk for oral and oropharyngeal cancer. As one of the fastest-growing cancers, it’s vital to detect oral cancer as soon as possible. At Limestone Dental, we utilize advanced VELscope technology to help us conduct our oral cancer screenings. The blue light emitted by the device is completely safe and serves as a valuable preventative tool alongside our manual screening process.
  2. X-Rays
    Did you know that when dental patients receive a digital X-Ray, they are exposed to far less radiation than traditional X-Rays? In addition, the state-of-the-art digital X-Ray system we use at Limestone Dental is safe and comfortable for our patients, and allows Dr. Nibouar and Dr. Baran to capture the best possible insight into your dental health.
  3. Periodontal Therapy
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of periodontal disease. Not only can gum disease come with unpleasant symptoms such as bleeding of the gums, pain, swelling and bad breath, but it can also lead to serious dental and overall health conditions. We have a number of treatment options for patients with periodontal disease, including laser treatment.
  4. Fluoride Treatments
    While the American Dental Association recommends 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per every liter of drinking water, it’s not uncommon for adults and children to not receive enough fluoride, which provides ample protection from tooth decay. Our fluoride treatments help to reinforce and strengthen the enamel of teeth in order to keep them safe and healthy.
  5. Technology
    In addition to offering patients laser treatments and digital X-Rays, we also utilize an intraoral camera. This innovative tool helps Dr. Nibouar and Dr. Baran magnify images from inside the mouth of patients. We also offer computerized treatment rooms to ensure the quickest, most efficient dental exams in Wilmington, DE.


Your Choice for Dental Exams in Wilmington, DE

If you’ve been searching for a dentist nearby or wondering where to go for the best dental exams in Wilmington, DE only to come up empty-handed, we are here to help! Not only will you find that Limestone Dental has the most advanced approaches in dental exams in Wilmington, DE, but you’ll also find an unprecedented level of customer service.

If you’d like to schedule a dental exam, click here to get started or call us today at 302-307-6407.

“Please accept our deep gratitude for your skilled care for all our dental needs! You have such caring attitudes, highly skilled work, cheerful, orderly atmosphere in the office – just overall excellence that cannot go unnoticed. Many, many thanks.”

- Janet and Ron